Facebook and other social media sites are known for their ease of spreading a message. They are fast, free and allow you to reach all of your “friends” with just a click of a button.   Our Facebook posts display the emotions and day-to-day drama of our lives to our friends. This can be helpful… Read more »


Your divorced is finalized. Are you excited about your new lease on life? Or are you taking gentle steps toward your “new normal?”   Either way, many divorcees feel a sense of relief to finally put the complex divorce process behind them. If you fall into the first group, with that relief you may be… Read more »


Married women who have taken their spouse’s last name are faced with an additional decision during the process of divorce: Should I take my maiden name back?   Why You May Be Hesitant For some divorcing women, this may seem like a small issue in the course of terminating a marriage. There are already many… Read more »